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By Vanessa Adelman

The best day trading stocks are usually those with big news. And a solid company structure helps a lot, too. Although day trading can be very risky, it can be worth it. Below, I’ve outlined some of the best day trading stocks to check out right now.

Day trading with physical gold isn’t very plausible. VanEck is a holding company, whose portfolio reflects the gold market. They have several various gold mining companies’ stocks. So, they offer a good solution for day traders who want to invest in the gold mining industry.
This is one of the best day trading stocks. It is an ETF that’s meant to reflect the Nasdaq 100. But, it aims to give back three times what the Nasdaq is giving.
ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ is meant to be a short-term trading stock. A long-term investment with this stock will not serve you well.
NextPlay is a unique company. They use travel, fintech and gaming to create unique advertising. They leverage the power of technology to create experiences and unique advertising.
OTT (Over the Top) advertising is created in the form of gaming, travel and in-game ads.
And recently, NextPlay has secured a relationship for insurance offerings. But the license is conditional, so it may be a good short term day trade.
Lucid Group creates electric vehicles, and does business out of North America. One of their cars, Lucid Air, received Motor Trend’s 2022 Car of the Year Award.
The design is sleek. And it has a maximum horsepower of 1,111 hp. It can drive up to 520 miles on one charge. Plus, it takes 20 minutes for a 300-mile charge. This is one of the best day trading stocks right now.
This best day trading stock is a large producer of edible mushrooms. Not the kind that make you see things. Just delicious, culinary treats. Farmmi grows many species that are wild in the woods.
They even produce some that are native gems of the Midwest. Hen of the woods, lion’s mane and wood ear are a few of them.
Farmmi is a Chinese company, so it makes sense that they also produce many mushrooms native to Asia.
Day trading stocks are those that are not invested in for the long term. By definition, they are bought and sold within the same trading day. They are short term investments, and are basically “flipped” for short term profits.
Sometimes these profits can be big, sometimes small. Or sometimes, the stock will be sold at a loss.
When looking for good day trading stocks, of course you can use a search engine. And then, look through posts like this one to find good short-term day trades.
You can also find them on your own. Although, it takes a great deal of experience, capital, and knowledge to get good at day trades.
The best day trading stocks can be found on any stock exchange in any country. You can day trade based on a company’s recent news. Other methods include using sophisticated software and scalping.
Scalping is when the trader takes advantage of many small changes in a stock’s price.
Day trading can be as simple as buying and selling with the software or broker you currently use. It helps a lot to have software that will immediately buy or sell when you tell it to.
But, you can also use trading apps and brokers. And you can find trade opportunities on other countries’ exchanges.
The largest barrier to entry is often the amount of capital required to start. When it comes to day trading, many believe you will lose a lot of money to begin with.
And, there are countless investors who have lost a lot of money. However, most of those investors have given up before they could turn a profit. Or they went bankrupt, and were unable to keep day trading.
There are many get-rich quick schemes out there, too. In fact, when looking for education in day trading, be on high alert for these.
Also, new day traders and investors will be excited to get started. So, it’s good to have enthusiasm to get going. But, many new day traders will begin by investing a lot of money. And then they’ll lose that money.
Emotions can get in the way when first starting out, too. It gets difficult to know when to buy and when to sell. You start second-guessing your decisions and the plan you’ve created for yourself.
Create a plan, and stick to the plan. No matter what.
If you can stick with it for the long haul and get access to some top-notch resources, you can make some nice returns.
And don’t be afraid to take your time and learn the process. Take a little money that you don’t care much about, and attempt a day trade with one of these best day trading stocks. One you’ve researched.
Take your time, and start with small amounts of money.
Educate yourself with the best day trading education there is. Better yet, get access to a trading desk.
But playing around with some small money can make you a few bucks occasionally, too.
While the best day trading stocks can be risky, they can also produce great rewards. So, start with a small amount of capital, get great education, and be patient and persistent. Because, eventually, you’ll learn from your mistakes.
Check out these best day trading stocks to get started.

Vanessa Adelman graduated with an Interdisciplinary degree. She majored in Entrepreneurship, Painting, Music and Film. Shortly after, she received a copywriting mentorship with Mark Morgan Ford. Then, she earned her AWAI Verification. Now, Vanessa freelances in the financial direct response industry. She’s been investing since 2016. In her free time, she enjoys books about money and wealth. She loves being with her boyfriend, hunting, fishing and going on outdoor adventures.
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