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Our mission is to serve the 50+ traveler. We want to inspire you to explore new destinations, discover new experiences, and savor the journey.
Dreaming of a white (wine) Christmas? Wine lovers who need to stock up for the holidays should check out this awesome service that delivers a wonderful selection of quality vino to your doorstep.
The most accoladed wine club in America, helps connoisseurs discover exclusive wines from the world’s best independent winemakers at unbeatable prices. Read on to learn more and use code “TRAVELAWAITS15” to save $100 and get your Holiday 15-Pack for only $79.99!
Launched in the UK in 2008 and the U.S. and Australia in 2012, saves customers up to 60 percent off market prices by cutting out the middle man. Dubbed “Angels,” over 363,000 members worldwide buy over 17.5 million bottles of wine per year at wholesale prices directly from more than 159 talented, independent winemakers in 14 countries. has won several accolades for its business innovation, its customer service, and of course, its wines, with 150 wines awarded gold medals.
When you shop at the grocery, superstore, or liquor store, your selection is limited to what “big grape” has designed for the mass market. opens the door to more regions and grapes by working directly with winemakers.
The process has been compared to Shark Tank or the book publishing industry. That’s because winemakers “pitch” their ideas to experts, and if they’re approved, they get the funds to buy or grow grapes, plus access to winemaking and bottling facilities. also takes the burden of marketing and distribution off of the winemaker so they can concentrate on their true talent: making great wines.
Successful winemakers who work for large wineries are able to work on side projects, while budding winemakers are able to break into the biz. Not only does this attract talented winemakers who are looking to experiment with new ideas, but it also makes the wine industry a more inclusive space. gives winemakers a direct line to the consumer. When you review a bottle of wine on the site, don’t be surprised if you get a response from the person who created it!
How is the company able to invest in winemakers’ projects? The answer is heavenly: Its community of Angels. Like “angel investors,” members, called “Angels” pay $40 a month to belong to the club. This lets the company have predictable revenue to be able to advance capital to winemakers. But, it’s not just a membership or subscription fee. That money can also be used on wine orders. So the pool of crowd-funded money is used to invest in winemakers and also works like a piggy bank for members.
Angel members get special perks and freebies like up to 60 percent off every wine and a bonus bottle of wine when you order a case.
So, in the sense that you pay a monthly fee and get wine in return, is a monthly subscription. However, it’s not really a wine club in the traditional sense. It’s more like a personalized wine buying service. It doesn’t automatically send you wine. You get to pick it out and decide when it ships. Bonus: if you order the Holiday 15-Pack now and use code “TRAVELAWAITS15”, we save you $100 on your first box. carries several types of red, white, rosé, sparkling, dessert, and fortified wines. Explore by category:
When it comes to grapes, carries all the usual suspects like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, plus way more! Options like Barbera, Glera, and Nero D’Avola let you try something you may have never heard of before.
Another thing that sets apart is that you can filter way more characteristics than by wine type and grape. You can also filter by country of origin, wine region, and winemaker. Here are some more filters that can help you find the best vino for you and yours.
Select wines from under $10 to over $25. lists the market price, Angel price, and total savings on each bottle.
The site shows what percentage of people who rated that vintage at that price point would buy it again.
You can also filter by recommendations based on your own ratings. If you don’t like a wine, you can give it a thumbs down. That way knows to steer clear of that wine and similar ones. It’s basically like the Netflix of liquor stores. Instead of relying on the store clerk, you can get personalized recommendations based on your tastes.
In the mood to try something new? Browse novel wine using the “Wines I’ve Not Tried” filter.
If ABV is important to your wine selection process. lets you filter by alcohol content percentage. About half the wines have an alcohol content between 12 and 14 percent, while the other half is over 14 percent. Very few are below 12 percent.
If you have dietary concerns, lets you filter wines by vegetarian, vegan, or organic.
When you see the Sweet Spot crown icon, that means you’re getting the best bang for your buck. “Sweet Spot” is how indicates that you’re getting the best value or quality for the price.
Other “special” filters let you browse new wine, fine wine, low-stock, and medal winners.
Click on the wine to see even more information, like food pairing suggestions, advice on what temperature to serve it, and “best before” which tells you how long the wine will keep. You can also read about the winemaker and review customer comments.
You can be as involved with the wine selection process as you’d like. Hand-pick each bottle or let the Wine Genie do the work for you. Wine Genie builds personalized cases for you using your ratings and reviews. If Wine Genie guesses wrong on any wine — you can get your money back!
Select from themed cases of red or white wines, or get a mixed case. Or assemble your own case. It can be fun to put together your own themes, such as a Tour de France or a selection of sparkling wines for New Year’s Eve. offers an amazing selection at an accessible price. Some bottles are under $15, while several cost between $15 and $20. You can also easily go upwards of $20. A minimum of six bottles is required to ship. Orders must be in multiples of three.
Many wine clubs lure you in with low prices, which seem great until you get to the exorbitant shipping fees. With, all orders over $100 ship for FREE. But for orders under $100, shipping is still affordable at $9.99. However, shipping to Alaska or Hawaii is more expensive. Do keep in mind that someone over 21 years of age has to be home to sign for the delivery.
TravelAwaits readers can save $100 on their first order using code: “TRAVELAWAITS100”.
If you don’t like a wine, or it’s corked or damaged, will give you a full refund. It’s also easy to cancel your account at any time. will refund any unspent Angel contributions. offers a better way to buy wine. Remember to use code “TRAVELAWAITS15” to save $100 and get your selection of value-priced wine from around the world in the Holiday 15-Pack for only $79.99. It’s delivered to your doorstep and satisfaction is guaranteed!
Laura Ray has lived in Atlanta, the Bay Area, SoCal, and Austin. After moving from Texas, she and her husband rambled about the Midwest in a camper for a couple of years before finally settling on 35 acres in their home state of Kentucky. When she isn’t clacking around on the keyboard (cat in lap), you can find her practicing yoga, gardening, or playing the ukulele. In addition to writing for Quillt sites such as and, she’s also written for and served as Oola’s editor before becoming a Content Strategist for TravelAwaits. This travel-lover’s favorite destinations include Italy, the Greek isles, and Kentucky Lake.
Our mission is to serve the 50+ traveler.
We want to inspire you to explore new destinations, discover new experiences and savor the journey. Our goal, to share the world’s unique, hidden and once in a lifetime locations with you to create unforgettable memories.
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